All grooming by appointment only.

    Grateful Dog offers Sacramento area dog owners the best in dog daycare, cage-free dog boarding, and complete dog grooming services. We go beyond the traditional dog kennel or salon. Our dogs are groomed one at a time to assure their stay is short and sweet as well as reduce the stress of being caged for long periods.

    Grooming Packages

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    Add on Services

    (can be added on for daycare dogs or given a la carte!)
    • Nail Trim – Groomers use traditional dog nail clippers to trim the nail - $13

    • Nail File – Groomers first trim the dogs nails, then use an electric file to smooth any sharp edges - $20

    • Nail File added to any Grooming Package – $10

    • Nail Polish – Groomers use dog safe nail polish to paint dogs nails - $20

    • Deluxe Pawdicure – groomers start by trimming the nails and paw pad hair, and finish by massaging the pads with an organic paw butter. - $25

    • Teeth brushing – Groomers use a doggy safe toothpaste to brush dogs teeth - $13

    • Dental Package - $20

    • Light Trim - $7

    • Face + Feet - $20

    • Face + Fanny - $25

    • Brushing Out/Dematting - $1 per minute

    • Repairing Paw Butter - $7

    • Pad Hair Trim - $10

    • Sanitary trim – Groomers do a quick trimming of the dogs sanitary (butt and groin) area - $15

    • Gland expression – Groomers manually express dogs anal glands - $13, or free upon request with any grooming package

    • Ear Cleaning - $13

    • Ear Plucking - free with ear cleaning

Special Shampoos & Spa Treatments

Add to any grooming package

Blueberry Facial:
natural blend of berries is applied to stinky, stained faces to give your dog a calming experience that results in a fresher, brighter, cleaner face. $7

Skin and Coat Package:
Deep conditioning treatment removes impurities, moisturizes coat and skin, adding a glossy finish to dull fur. $20

Flea Relief Package:
A natural, non-toxic shampoo that rescues pups from existing fleas and soothes itchy bites. $10

De-skunk Treatment:
bio-enzymatic pre-treatment helps eliminate skunk odors by breaking down the oils sprayed by the skunk and rinsing them away during shampooing. $25

Temp. or Permanent Dye:
Ears: $25, Tail: $20, and $20 per two feet (individual quotes for creative styles).

Proof of current rabies vaccine is required for all grooming services.

If an appointment is missed or rescheduled without 24 hour notification, a $35.00 "no show"/"late cancellation fee" will be charged and a deposit of 1/2 the grooming cost may be required to schedule in the future. We understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances happen, please contact us as soon as possible in these cases.

At the time of check-in we will give you an approximate time of when your dog will be ready to go home. We will contact you as soon as your dog is finished. Since we are cage-free and our salon is not set up to accommodate grooming guests for long stretches of time, we ask that you pick up your pet within 2 hours. If you are late, a fee will be added to accommodate the time spent caring for and keeping your pet comfortable until you arrive.

Late Pick-Up Fees:
2 - 4 hours late - $22
4+ hours late - $35