About Us

When I first started Grateful Dog, I looked to model the business on the way I wanted my own dogs to be cared for: free to play all day and sleep in a comfortable room with other dogs and humans, free of cages. Building off of my experience as a manager of a Bay Area dog daycare and understanding of pack-mentality, I opened Grateful Dog in my home, offering daycare, boarding and group dog hikes.

This initial endeavor has snowballed into what Grateful Dog is today: Downtown Sacramento’s first dog daycare and cage-free boarding facility.

The idea of Grateful Dog grew from my love for dogs and the desire to improve their quality of life. It is my belief that healthy social interactions and regular exercise make for a happier companion. Grateful Dog is proud to offer you the peace of mind that your dog has a safe, stimulating environment to sleep, play and be loved.

Peace, love…fetch!
Robert Espinosa

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